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Charlie’s Cheeky Monkey Run is a fantastic way for all of our mini supporters to be involved in fundraising for our wonderful cause.

Rather than create an annual event in one place, we encourage participants to hold their own Cheeky Monkey Run, or ‘toddle’ event, either as an individual or as a group, at a place and time that is convenient for them. Don’t live in the UK? No problem at all – this event can be organised in any country in the world as it’s arranged by the fundraiser themselves, which means our overseas supporters can get involved as well.

Why complete Charlie’s Cheeky Monkey Run?

This is a fun and exciting way to help raise vital funds to help us continue our research for better treatments for mito, and to help support families on their mito journey. It allows the little ones to be a part of something special and gives parents, guardians and friends an opportunity to glow with pride as their little monkeys raise funds and awareness for Charlie’s foundation.

Who can participate?

Charlie’s Cheeky Monkey Run is aimed at our mini supporters, but older children can participate in this event too. For our tiny supporters they can do a sponsored toddle, for our mini supporters they can do a sponsored walk, and for our older children they can do a sponsored run – whatever is most convenient for them at a destination of their choice*.

Is there any support available to help with fundraising?

We can certainly help our young fundraisers’ parents, or guardians, to create their own JustGiving page, but for those wanting to take cash or personal payments, sponsorship forms can be downloaded here. We can also post about your event across our media platforms and our website.

What do I get in return?

A special certificate and medal will be awarded to all children who complete their Cheeky Monkey Run as a ‘thank you’ for becoming one of Charlie’s Cheeky Monkey Runners, and helping to raise funds for our foundation.

To tell us about your Monkey Run, or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at fundraising@thecharliegardfoundation.org

Thank you to all of our wonderful mini supporters and their super parents and guardians. We hope you all have lots of fun organising your own event, and we thank you all for your amazing support. Have fun!

*The Charlie Gard Foundation offer no third-party liability for individually organised events by fundraisers, so please do ensure all appropriate safety measures have been taken before completing your event.

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